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I swear, women are crazy.

my mom just went ballistic at me to go outside in the pouring rain to gather up all the twigs and tiny leaves with branches in the frontyard and put them in the garage.

You have to do something to earn your allowance.

Now get out there before you get a spanking!!!


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we got whacked pretty good with wind & rain.

parts of the coastal condos & bars got washed right out many roads closed by flooding. what a mess wilma caused & passed quite a ways away. My friends boat is now parked on someones front porch. mines ok though

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Betty was hotter. Until Rosie O'Donnell ruined it, anyway.


Yes, but Parsippany NJ's Jane Krakowski made her hot again!




God do I wish I was Steven Baldwin at that moment!! :lol:

I know why he's smirking & it isn't for the scene!

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