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Rex Ryan's Film Debut


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Yeah, the reviews sound pretty bad. Rex's role is the only thing that really piqued my interest in it. Andy Samberg can be pretty good sometimes, but the screenshots I've seen don't exactly indicate that it's Citizen Kane.


Also, it's probably too much to hope that Rex has a scene or two with Vanilla Ice.


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not sure how to embed youtube videos, but here's Rex's scene, its pretty funny.

I hope that's not the entirety of his scene. I would have wasted 40 bucks going to the theater to see 30 seconds of Rex. Might be worth a rental of the director's cut/extended version to see some behind-the-scenes stuff.

...who am I kidding? I'll probably still go see it. I'll call it a "date night" with the wife. Two birds, one stone: that's how you succeed at marriage and Jets fandom at the same time.

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