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State your reasons for Herm Edwards to be fired


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Almost reoepened the champagne. No such luck.

Since the day he picked up Larry Csonka's fumble, Edwards has had his hiney kissed so much and so often by so many he has come to believe he craps crushed fruit and can get away with anything. Past time to call the Idiot's bluff.

Simply, he doesn't deserve an extension past 2007. If he's retained at all he should fall to his knees and give thanks to God, because there's no other explantion other than divine intervention.

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Lets start with tangibles - he has a losing record as the Jets head coach(39-41). In his tenure, there are multiple documented instances when he and his staff have miscalculated the game clock, resulting in lost opportunities to score and win games. Things you get pissed at on the Pop Warner level, let alone the NFL.

Intangibles or refutables - no control of or inability to motivate his team. Meddling in his coordinators jobs. Playing safe and losing because of it.

Other than that - he's a nice guy.

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If Herm comes back next season, the Jets will win the SuperBowl.

You heard it hear first.

Unless of course BZ or Bitonti already posted the same thing.

Hey Max, what happened to your signature that said:

"The Jets will win a Super Bowl under Hermy Edwards"?


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