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The Bevell - Harvin connection


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Plus Bevell and Harvin's kids go to the same school and have the same nanny.

How do i know that ? I don't. But just throwing it out there to add some much needed weight to the premise of this thread.

Do their kids share the same mother also? That would be something.

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LOL!  If Idzik did half the stuff he was accused of, he would get about 2 hours sleep a night. He sounds like a busy man with all these cover ups and conspiracy theories!


if you hold a dollar bill upside down in front of a light, you can see idzik chiseling pieces of stone off the pyramid to sell for scrap to make a few bucks

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LOL...Break out the Tin Foil Hats! Let's be clear, Bevell, while a possible Idzik choice, will not come here just because Harvin is here. In fact, maybeHarvin had friction with Bevell...who knows. I doubt Harvin would be thedeciding factor for Bevell...also, our owner appears to be counting pennies again...Bevell may balk at a cheap deal. I am smelling  Mangini type move in the offseason...an up an coming cheap assistant for hire as HC...sadly.


Get Chucky here!



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