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Storage Wars Mafia


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When rent is not paid on a storage locker for 3 months the contents are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

These auctions are known as Storage Wars! 

I will be your host but before we begin lets go over the rules.



Day starts at 7AM PST and ends at 7PM PST the following real life day. (Ex: Monday 7AM to Tuesday 7PM)

Night lasts from 7PM to 7AM the next day. (Ex: Tuesday 7PM to Wednesday 7AM)

When Day ends the player with the highest amount of votes will be lynched, if there is a tie it will be decided between the tied players randomly.

If you have a Night Action but don't submit it by the designated time (7AM) you are skipped. I will not be checking in to remind anyone.


Other regular Mafia rules apply such as no talking outside the game unless you've been given a QT by the mod.

If you have any questions just ask. 


You have all been assigned a certain amount of money with which to purchase lockers.

Some of you have more and some of you have less.

There is a finite amount of money in this game with limited ways to earn more, don't blow your wad on the first thing you see. Well unless you want to. Up to you.

There is room for some tricks and headgames with the money. I know it's unlikely anyone will given the size of our game and laziness but just sayin you could.


Lockers are just going to be a collage of pictures I put together.

When you buy a locker what you're really trying to buy is some sort of advantage in the game, such as a power role.

There are sometimes clues to what you'll be buying, sometimes it's a fake out. Buyer beware.

Edit: Bids must be made in $50 increments at a minimum. Auctions will last for 1 hour.



1) 80 
2) Verbal 
3) Crusher 
4) Spoot
5) Gata 
6) Nyn 
7) CTM
8. Hallia 
9) JC
10) Stark 
11) Lizzie 

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Just now, Stark said:


We can bid more than 1 time per hour, correct?

Yes! You can bid any time you are not the current high bid. So you can't upbid yourself.

Yes this means bid sniping could be a thing. Keep that in mind while bidding!

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