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Why the Awful Offensive Line?


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On 9/25/2019 at 3:04 PM, RoadFan said:

I dont agree with this.  He ran a fast offense with Manning.  He ran a slow offense in Miami.  He ran a pass based offense in Denver.  A more run based in Chicago.

He moved Crowder to the outside for the majority of the snaps against New England and put Berrios in the slot.  It didn't work but he tried something different.

I think the analogy is more like being asked to cook a somewhat difficult meal without the best ingredients, and then find out some of those ingredients have spoiled at the last minute.

He had to put something on the plate by meal time,  and it was rushed and it didnt taste very good.  But that does not mean he cant cook...

Totally agree. I don't know how people come up with the notion that Gase doesn't know how to adjust to the strengths of his players. This is the guy who somehow made Tim Tebow work in Denver. 

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12 hours ago, The Gun Of Bavaria said:

This x 1000.   He was a horrendous hire at the time and it's take three games to figure out why.

Look I supported Gase, I figured after McCarthy he was the most qualified candidate but this guy is a total disaster he’s a poor man’s Mangini and I actually think he might not survive this season after we go 0-7 and the players all revolt

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On 9/25/2019 at 11:09 AM, Barkus said:

Players and coaching.

beachum, Osemele, Khalil are done. They will likely not be back next yr and it is possible all 3 will retire at end of yr. winters is below average and is in last yr of contract and likely will not be back. Shell is average to below average and also last yr of contract. He might be back next yr only because it will be difficult to bring in 5 new starters next yr, although Edoga maybe be starter next yr.

the zone blocking scheme is more difficult and complicated to learn. Couple that with line not playing a single snap together in preseason, new coach, new players, this is a recipe for disaster as we have seen. 

Hopefully they consider switching to man blocking “hat on a hat” scheme during the bye week if possible. Perhaps shuffling lineup too. 

Winters has another year after this season. Honestly I think it's probable he sticks until at least minicamp (if he's healthy). 

The problem with the line about Edoga isn't that it's necessarily unrealistic or undesirable. It's more that it's not something Douglas can probably plan on, from early March to late April, until we've seen him actually start games. I know he was just a day 2 pick 5 months ago, but so was Polite. I can't see them simply handing Edoga the starting job in March/April 2020 if he couldn't work his way into the lineup in 2019.

This highlights the other issue with an all-veteran OL: it's hard to get a younger guy on the line, absent injury, since on day 1 even a bad veteran's experience alone typically makes him better in the short term. Also the OL isn't conducive to swapping guys on & off the field like every other non-QB position. It's also not going to be so easy to just give him a live tryout when the top OL goal is making sure Darnold doesn't get killed. 

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4 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

Yeah leaving Beachum on an island with Garrett first 3 quarters was brilliant


There were plays no one even lined up on Garrett


And not pulling a player is in your mind a blocking scheme?

And in your mind blocking schemes are the responsibility of the HC, not the OL coach.  He’s there for no apparent reason 

plays where no one lined up on Garrett ok, more nonsense and HC schemes. 


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The line has been awful for going on 5 years.  Bottom 5 in the NFL for half a decade, and it should have been obvious to anyone paying attention.  After D'Brick retired and Mangold started declining, it's been all downhill.

At the very least, the Jets attempted to fortify this unit by trading for Osemele, bringing Kalil out of retirement, and drafting Edoga.  It hasn't worked out, but at the very least, it's more effort than they put in the past few years.

Can scheme be blamed on some of the breakdowns this season?  Sure, but the bottom line is each and every starter on the OL is below average.  They simply can't hold their blocks long enough for plays to develop, both in the passing game and running game.  It's also impossible to tell how much is "scheme" and how much is bad/inexperienced QBs not calling the right protections at the line of scrimmage.

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