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Bad game. But Sam will bounce back

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37 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

I'm not looking to argue here, so let's not turn this into one, ok?

I just want to say you are the second person this morning to bring up the name Brett Favre to defend Darnold's performance last night. I think that's crazy.

Let's just be honest with each other on this board today. Our QB had a really bad game last night. Last week he had a really good one. We just have to hope that as the year goes on we see tangible improvement from him. Let's stop with the knee jerk reactions (I'm not talking about you) after every game proclaiming him either a savior or a bust. Lets also stop ridiculing every other young QB who has a bad game. Playing QB in the NFL at a high level is one of, if not the hardest things to do in any team sport.

We think we might have a guy who can do it. How about we just watch and see how it plays out?

Well my point with Farve was it was a single bad game in a pretty good career. He certainly did make a habit of throwing that poorly. didn't now Sam has had poor games before but I think as Favre's  6 pick performance being an outlier,  this is probably the same thing.

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Sam didn’t have a good game.  But the next ten weeks I hope he shows that he’s our qb for the future.     

he had a bad game.  it happens.  let's see how he can do against other defenses this year.   i got 65 buttfumbles saying (jokingly) to trade him last week after he won player of the week award. 

19 hours ago, daquix said:

1) This is the type of game that RUINS quarterbacks - mentally - forever.

2) I challenge ANYONE to list as single young QB get humiliated by the Patriots like that and then become a franchise QB......... Zero. It hasn’t happened.

Pats have humiliated multiple times the Colts with Manning and he is going to the HOF. They also have owned Big Ben, Mahomes, Watson, Rivers, etc. and those QBs are all FQBs on their teams.

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2 hours ago, daquix said:



Brett Favre had a lot of INT’s because he was a gunslinger.

Not because he crapped his pants and threw the ball intro triple coverage.

brett could chuck and duck with the best of them. He gave away a playoff game against philly throwing an int on one. He also threw a TD pass to that little WR the jets traded to Cleveland on one in his first game as a jet.

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No one is talking about it but the loss of Kelvin Beachum seemed to be pretty huge last night.  Hopefully he comes back for Sunday.

Getting physically beat by Garrett a few times is going to happen but obviously his experience was sorely missed during last nights catastrophe of a game.

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