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Curtis Martin & Chad Pennington are the two greatest Jets of all time. You can't convince me otherwise.


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I found it!

Always helps to have both sides of the story.




The Martinitte Handbook of Excuses 

1. At all points, recite the string of 1000-yard seasons, no matter how irrelevant it is to the current season, game, drive, or play being discussed. 

2. When the line opens up a gaping, 15-yard lane & Martin runs 10 yards through it, comment on the great 10-yd run he had. Dismiss the idea that a faster RB gets through that lane faster & maybe gets another 10-20 (or even 50) yards in the same situation. 

3. Insist that running ramped over 10 weaklings in 2004 is the true mark of a rushing champion. ****ting the bed in playoff games is irrelevant. 

4. Always refer to him as the 2004 Rushing Champion and/or a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, as though it has some bearing on how he’s running currently. 

5. Glow about his 4.1 career ypc as though 4.0 was the minimum benchmark for greatness rather than minimum benchmark of acceptability. Also ignore that he has failed to reach this “average” in most of his seasons with the Jets. 

6. When it is brought up that he sucked in certain games, always say that no one else could’ve done any better. This is key, since it is impossible to prove otherwise. Now mention someone off the charts like Barry Sanders or Jim Brown as follows: “Maybe [insert name] could’ve done better,” as though he is the only RB more dangerous than Curtis in NFL history. 

7. When a defender touches Curtis’ thigh or shoulder with 2 fingers, nod in agreement like a dashboard doggie when the announcers say, “…Martin breaks a tackle…” 

8. If Curtis is running like crap, insist that he is a "warrior" taking one for the team. If there are good, healthy RB’s on the sideline itching to get into the game, say that they “couldn’t hold Martin’s jock.” 

9. When Curtis is running like crap, blame the offensive line. “The line played like sh!t” and “There was no place for him to run” are useful quips. As “evidence” be sure to state the “fact” that Martin has the best “vision” in the NFL so if he couldn’t find a hole, neither could anyone else.. 

10. Discuss what a great guy he is, as though that has any bearing on running speed or ability to break tackles on Sundays. 

11. When citing his career #’s in the post-season only give gross totals (182-793-4.4) that get badly skewed because of his first one back in 1996. Do not ever draw attention to his inability to get into the endzone even once in the Jets’ last 5 post-season games, nor that the last touchdown he did get in a playoff game was when John Elway & Pepper Johnson were still playing, when he got 14 yds on 13 carries & didn’t even look that good. 

12. If Curtis stays in the game despite injury or fatigue, with healthy, well-rested playmakers on the bench, & note that he is a “warrior” and is somehow a “team player” because of it. (I know this is is basically the same as #8, but this point can never be stressed enough times). 

13. Insist that despite all the accolades the announcers give him for doing very ordinary things with the football in hand, that Curtis is the most underrated RB in NFL history. 

14. If you must predict 1300 yards for Curtis in any season, do so without predicting 320+ carries to do so. 

15. Dismiss his lack of a single run of more than 25 yards despite 371 carries as being indicative of nothing. 

16. Yards are more important & more impressive accomplishments than touchdowns. 

17. Ignore that 32 of his 95 touchdowns (and 5 of his 8 playoff touchdowns) came in his first two NFL seasons for the friggin' Patriots. 

18. If Martin doesn’t get a lot of yards from the get-go, it’s because he needs lots of carries to get in his groove. If he gets plenty of carries & still is unimpressive, revert back to the “it’s because there was nowhere to run & Barry Sanders would’ve fared no better” mantra. 

19. Against tougher opponents, when Martin underperforms, say it would have been fruitless to try giving someone else the rock for a few series like every other team does since it is a physical impossibility for anyone to have done better than Martin in any situation. In those same situations, say “who would you rather have, Martin or [insert name of other team’s stiff]” even though the “stiff” didn’t get a cap-breaking $50M contract that renders him uncuttable & retaining young backfield talent an impractical luxury. 

20. Make sure you label to critics as Jet haters. They are usually the same imbeciles that dare criticize Herm Edwards, too."



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When is your 20th birthday(

Curtis Martin = Warrior.
Chad Pennington = Best QB ever, injuries robbed him of multiple Super Bowl victories.
I am torn on locking this now, because honestly, this isn't even up for debate. Just facts on these two players.
I guess you can all discuss this if you want to. 

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