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Starting to Warm up to keeping Sam, Trading to 4 and taking Pitts (plus other draft assets)

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1 hour ago, NYDreamer said:

Keeping Darnold you still have to focus on building from the inside out for him meaning offensive line.  One under the radar move that happened yesterday was Isaha Wilson LT (First round pick of the Titans last year) was just traded to the Dophins in an exchange of 7th rounders.  Which means if the Dolphins now want to draft D. Smith WR to go with Tua his former wr or Chase they may be inclined to not draft Sewell at 3 if the Jets wanted to make a trade with Atlanta at 4.  Only thing is I could see the Bengels moving up to 3 to draft Sewell in front of Jets or they can wait and get Chase who was Burrows wr in college.

While I love PITTS, I will continue to say no matter who the playmaker is and no matter who the QB is you cannot throw to them while your back is on the ground or get it downfield when you are scrambling or worse when your QB is in the tent on the sideline.  The focus needs to continue to be offensive line.  Sewell and Becton would be those bodyguards 

Trent Brown is available.  We could draft Pitts and send a couple mid round picks for Brown to upgrade RT

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At first glance when I saw this on Kipers Mock, I was like, HELL NO!.   Then I started to think about it a bit.  Give Sam a weapon like Pitts plus Mims with a season under his belt.  Plus the addition

There have been two TE's drafted top 10 in the last decade, and both were by the Lions. No TE has ever been drafted top 5. This seems unlikely.

You simply do not have to commit to Darnold long term this year.  Most people on here feel he is totally shot but you would know for sure next year if the gase factor is real or not. You can

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Look at Tampa.  Evans, Godwin, AB, Gronk.  Not a bad group of receivers 
Not arguing at all Phil .. if you are loaded at WR and TE (In this case a HOF TE) with a GOAT QB you will probably have success.

For the rest of the world ... building stout lines to give your QB time , supported by power running game is the key to success.

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On 3/4/2021 at 8:57 PM, Dcat said:

Last year, OL was pumped up by the media and that's a fact, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.  The big discussion was how many OTs will go in the top 10 picks.  There was a thread about it here too.  So I'm not sure just why you find it upsetting that QBs are always pumped up by media?  It always will be.  And nobody here claimed all three WRs were going in the top 10.  At least not in the 2020 WR thread. Big exaggeration.  The fact is that they all went in the top 17 anyway so even if it was suggested, it wasn't that far off.

Last year might have been the best year for OTs and OL in general in a over a decade (may be even longer, time will tell).  That is why you had 4 OT taken in the first 12 picks even though it was also a banner year for wide receivers.  It is much harder to find an elite LT/RT than it is a WR.


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On 2/27/2021 at 10:32 PM, Philc1 said:

He’s super accurate facing University of Reno.  Awesome 

Doesn't matter who he played against,  he still had to make the accurate throws.  

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