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Uh oh ... some Jags fans are waking up ...

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was the OP named GreekJag?

No worries. The Jets are trading out of the #2- so don’t give it another thought.

Agreed. JD must wait until the first pick is selected. 

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25 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

Could be, yes.... I favor taking him over any QB other than Lawrence...

to me Lawrence is all about being 6'6 and able to run the football .... Running QB's have a short life span in the NFL always have. All you need a QB to be is smart, with good movement in the pocket and awareness of the pass rush. Not being able to do those 3 things simultaneously is what kills most young QB's and if most of these guys coming out of college can't do it they will fail as well Trevor Lawrence included. Its so hard to judge QB's coming out of college because they all play inferior schedules so you only have a very small sample size of them under constant pressure like they will face in the NFL

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I don’t know why, but I just get the feeling that Lawrence will be disappointing.


Not his fault there’s a hype train, but just feel he won’t be the ticket people expect.


Almost reminds me of the class with Darnold etc where there are 4-5 options, and the best guys will go under radar like Jackson, Allen.


Big pressure on both top 2 to deliver, but I’d be happy with Wilson.

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just read the thread.  It's one guy vs the entire group and the guy joined a couple of weeks ago.
Probably a Jets fan troll.  
I read the thread too
.. thought there was a lot more than one guy ... but at my age memory could.be wrong ... I hope your right ... cause I want Wilson.

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