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Crowder and Mims Among Week 2 Inactives for Jets

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Jamison Crowder

The Jets have announced their week 2 inactives and plenty of fans will be surprised to see Jamison Crowder on the list.

WR Keelan Cole is set to make his Jets debut in #NEvsNYJ

📰 https://t.co/OOf4UqBuR3 pic.twitter.com/kxYG72T1Eo

— New York Jets (@nyjets) September 19, 2021

The Jets are sitting Crowder along with Denzel Mims in somewhat of a surprise decision.  Joining the pair of receivers on the bench is running backs LaMical Perine and Josh Adams, linebacker Jamien Sherwood, defensive lineman Jonathan Marshall and cornerback Jason Pinnock.

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43 minutes ago, flgreen said:

Have a feeling both Crowder, and Mims have For Sale signs hanging on their necks.  

Crowder missed time due to Covid-19; Mims is still learning playbook -  I would imagine at least Mims will have the chance to work his way back up to starter or close - if the line can give Zack time to throw, he has too much talent to waste if he can get his head screwed on straight.

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This CS refuses to play their best players. I don't give a sh*t about knowing every route in a playbook.  Berrios knows the play book and totally sucks. I can not actually believe we are running this scrub out there every game as if he is actually good.  He would be hard pressed to make 90% of the teams in league.

I had such high hopes for Saleh and Lafleur but they are looking like they may be over their head, especially on offense.   The defense shows some promise so I will cut him some slack there but the offensive play calling is pathetic.  BTW please trade Mims. Let him go to a team that will actually play him for better or worse.  This is ******* ridiculous.    JD is not looking to good either at this point.  I know it's early but it is look very ugly right now.   JD will be under tremendous pressure to hit a home run in the 2022.   I will this team another 6-7 games; If I don't see any marked improvement in play selection and who they choose to put on the field, well, I can find better things to do on my Sundays. 

FYI This offensive line is looking like the worst in football. 

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