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Jet Fans SNL skit last night


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23 hours ago, NJ said:

Coming in late to the party - just read thru the thread and saw this shirt you got. Have to get it. The sketch was written by Bob Odenkirk who grew up in the town I live in. He got the idea from from the real occurrence (late 60's/early70's) that the town Hippies/Bohemians used to sit on the guard rail of the bridge on the main drag thru town where it crossed over a small river. Parents would warn children not to go near there/them. We would ride our motorcycles across it and flash them the peace sign. Top 10 all time skit for sure.

i bought mine on Woot.com

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On 11/6/2022 at 10:55 AM, CSNY said:

Disagree. Will Ferrell , Tina Fey , Maya Rudolph, Amy Pohlere era was very good. The skit with Tom Hanks on “ Black Jeopardy “ was hysterical as was her portrayal of Sarah Palin. Maya and Amy’s recurring characters as two Bronx housewives on their show “ Bronx Beat” was funny as hell especially the one with big tits GIFwhat’s her name?  There are more but those two stand out 

Katy Perry (and friends)

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On 11/6/2022 at 9:30 AM, munchmemory said:

At the beginning of the sketch, I found it amusing.  But as it went on?  Just another bit with the SNL/Lorne Michaels' trademark:  Burn the sketch into the ground by doing the same joke over and over and over.   Especially awful when the joke is not funny the first time around.  

The last time I flicked by they were still doing like the Family Feud type of Game Show sketch, I mean in 2022, is there even game shows like that still on TV?

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