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The ideal snap-count distribution plan for NY Jets D-line

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Below is Nania's Edge/DL snap count proposal (click article for additional info).

Jets’ edge lineup in 2023

Jermaine Johnson (45%)

Carl Lawson (43%)

John Franklin-Myers (41%)

Bryce Huff (33%)

Will McDonald (30%)

Micheal Clemons (7%)

Jets’ interior rotation

Quinnen Williams (73%)

Quinton Jefferson (35%)

Al Woods (30%)

Micheal Clemons (28%)

John Franklin-Myers (17%)

Solomon Thomas (15%)

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On 6/1/2023 at 7:46 AM, Dunnie said:

It's a good effort for the sake of making an effort .. but yeah ... Not really seeing it.

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There are so many variables, but interesting excercise.   How well does JJ develop?  How effective are Clemons anf JFM inside?  How does McDonald develop?   Injuries?  Do we play with leads or behind?  These and other variables could swing these numbers wildly in either direction.

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Trade up for a guy in the 1st round and then use the 15th pick in the draft to pick another guy and their combined snap counts is 71% of D snaps.

Yeah sounds about right.  Use gobs of resources on small % of snap rotation snaps. 

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