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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good luck today. Got two for you.......

1) Who are are your pregame picks for MVP of the game, unofficially? One from the Jets, one from the Bears, regardless of the final score.

2) Who was the best Middle Linebacker, in your opinion, in Jets history?

1)Leon Washington for the Jets..Urlacher for the Bears

2)probably Vilma

Thanks..here's to a good game and no injuries;)

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Barlow with another hard 70 yards for 2 tds. I cant wait to see how well will Ferguson and Mangold response to speedy defense. Hope Clements and Moore survive well.

Pennington should continue playing no huddle to throw defense off the balance.. Watch out for Hester as ST and possibly heavy blitzkerg.

by the way, color looks better. nice job.

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Good luck today. I want you guys to win, but I dont. If you lose and a few other teams lose and we win, we could be 1 game out of the last wildcard. So im still keeping our slim slim playoff hopes alive, just because Im that kind of fan.

But either way good luck, you guys will do better than us against them, it doesnt get much worse really, haha.

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