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I just opened a nice bottle wine that I've had for a while, and it's turned to vinegar.

It was a bottle of Simi Reserve Cab, and it's not cheap. I guess it's time for some Mad Dog 20/20.

Did the seal have a leak? That's too bad. I'm a big red wine lover. I subscribe to WineAccess because they have great tips on reds. Heh, I never order from them because I'd rather save the shipping, but they give good write ups.


My favorite local haunt is Vino100. I love that joint. I only found out about six months ago that it's actually a franchise. 100 really great wines for $25 bucks or less, and several stellar ones for over $25 and way up. This wine is only $15 bucks, and it's a great buy for the price. Yalumba (Barossa) Grenache. I actually like the 2005 vintage better.


Beckman Vineyards, 2005 Cab another good one. About $24 bucks. The 7 Deadly Zins, a really heavy Red Zinfandel, also another good one for the price, about $18 bucks for 2005.

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You have to watch heat and humidity with red wine (aren't you a bartender?)

I had a friend that lived on a 3rd floor apartment, and he had the same problem because it would get so hot in the summer time.

So now he only lets you visit him in the winter?

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