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I mean... do none of you see this is a bad sign?


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Yes, it ABSOLUTELY COULD end up working great, but the chances of that are not worth this sign.


Is Bitonti the sole voice of reason on this? Does anyone else see the problems and perils of this sign rather than a mental image of Ty Law in the 2003 AFCC with a green jersey superimposed over him?

You guys are like dogs who've just been given gravy that's probably poisoned or at least going to make you feel ill, and you're falling all over yourselves to lap it up...

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Maybe then again maybe not.

Alot of the Jets success this year depends on Chad and Abraham.

If both are the healthy and step up then the Jets are Super Bowl contenders.

If not they are toast.

Law is nice. He fills a major need with Donnie Abraham retiring.

Now we sit and wait on J.Abe

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