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2014 JetNation Mock Draft Sign Up Thread


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Ok, so looking for a solid 16 posters who are willing to invest their time and energy into making this, once again, a fun annual event. To sign up, please post here and pick your two teams. We can discuss further once we get people in place but plan on this mock going 4 rounds.

1. HessStation: Cleveland Browns & Indianapolis Colts
2. NYJetsVets91: New York Jets & San Francisco 49ers
3. TomShane: New York Giants & Oakland Raiders
4. SayNoToDMC: Detroit Lions & Philadelphia Eagles
5. Greenseed4: St. Louis Rams & Arizona Cardinals
6. NY Mick: Atlanta Falcons & Denver Broncos
7. Lupz27: Houston Texans & Seattle Seahawks
8. JayKwaz: Chicago Bears & New Orleans Saints
9. JiF: Jacksonville Jaguars & Baltimore Ravens
10. Villain: Buffalo Bills & New England Patriots
11. Jetscode: Tennessee Titans & Dallas Cowboys
12. ozzieny: Minnesota Vikings & Green Bay Packers
13. eboozer: Miami Dolphins & Tampa Bay Bucs
14. LAD_Brooklyn: Pittsburgh Steelers & San Diego Chargers

15. AVM: Kansas City Chiefs & Carolina Panthers

16. #27TheDominator: Washington Redskins & Cincinnati Bengals 


Start Date: Thursday, March 20th


Draft Rules:

1. Each "GM" will have 3 hours to make his selection/pick. If the pick is not in on time, dbatesman will make the pick. If dbatesman doesn't make the pick within the hour, the next team in line can make both picks.

2. No Trades

3. Game/Draft hours are 8am-8pm Monday through Friday. Feel free to make as many selections during off hours, including weekends. In fact, you are ENCOURAGED to do so. 

4. After you make your selection YOU MUST PM the next team's GM notifying him that, he is on the clock. 

5.16 players, each player has two teams.

6. Link to Draft Order: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_NFL_Draft


-There will be a DRAFT Discussion Thread: To talk about picks whatnot

-There will be a DRAFT Selection Thread: for SELECTIONS ONLY.

-There will be a DRAFT Order & Results Thread: i.e. basically a tracker.

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I'm just saying, my draft ecksperting is better than your draft ecksperting. I'm going to file an artickle to bleacher report

How did you get published on Bleacher Report? PM me if you have an editor, or anyone over there you can put me in touch with.

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how do you play? 


I have a couple questions as well...


1) When is the mock taking place?

2) How much time will we get for each pick?

3) Who is keeping track of the picks?

4) Where are the picks going to be posted?


Soooo basically yeah, what Villain said... how's this whole thing going down?

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