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Geno Smith May or May Not know the playbook, but he sure can run a film projector (MERGED)


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Are you ******* kidding me? Someone with a 1st grade reading level would tell you you're wrong. 


I asked you for a link about the Jets simplifying the playbook for Geno you moronic lunatic (Which you have effectively changed the subject on and haven't yet provided.) I said the poster in question "OVERSTATED" Geno's performance. 


Are you seriously this ******* stupid. PR37 is reading this right now and saying to himself, "**** Shasta is damn imbecile."


Once again all you can do is call people names, that's all you got, and you call me an imbecile. :rl:

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But on someone who smells like a 3-day old tuna sandwich, dipped in a bottle of Chanel?

Or as some comedian used to say reference odorous GF offenses (I forget who, I'm f'in old):


"Does your boyfriend think the Shrimp fleet is back in town?"


"Are Seagulls flying over your girlfriends house?"

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Did you just start watching football? It was widely reported that the Jets had to scale down the playbook for Geno at the end of the season because they were afraid his confidence would be shot. Going against these tomato cans and what Geno did, is what you call "awesome?


OAK   16-25   219   1td -1int


CAR   15-28  167    1td-1int


CLE    20-36  214    2tds-0ints 


MIA     17-27  190    0tds-0ints


This is what you call assume??? :rl:

Verily this is GREATNESS. Or so I have been told.
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