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Twilight Zone - Mafia Game


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Fight me?



$1000 for every round you last to the charity of your choice. Boxing/kickboxing/mma rulez your choice.


I've beaten dudes like you to a pulp so many times I dont care to admit.


Just a hunch, but you talk a lot sh*t like you're a tough guy, which all but guarantees you're actually a huge pussy who drops with one good punch. 

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To be honest I'm sorta crushing on Arsis for challenging JIF to a fist fight during the game.  Reminds me of the "Old Days" when Pac threatened to kill my dog and I challenged him to getting beat the **** down.  This game is slowly becoming pre-awesome. 


Arsis doesnt know about my past.  He wouldnt disrespect me with his delusional tough guy act if he did.

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That's not surprising, he only had about 350 posts that game.

Very forgettable.


I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a threat...




Speaking of emo trollbait...


How am I trying to "take the lead" exactly?

Have I asked people to lynch anyone or invited them to follow me?

Nope, I'm just voting and see what spills out. GFY.



Vote Jif


OMGUS too?


Lynch this fool.

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Ohh I'll bring my weapon and there is nothing you can do to stop me from using it on you.



I'm saying that I have a nice weapon and I'll use it on you all you want.



Fighting? I thought he wanted to blow me in the park.


Saw that coming.

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I love when someone challebges someone to a fight and states what techniques and rules will be used. hahahahah  Rules?  In a fight? 


I know right?  He's all like, lets fight but no kicking, scratching, biting or punching.  Just hugs! 


Arsis is the guy who shadow boxes in the mirror and calls it "training".

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Vote Count


Smash (2) - Crusher, AVM

JiF (2) - Smash, Nol

Nol (2) - Nyn, JiF

Arsis (1) - Lily

Verbal (1) - 80

Lily (1) - Wombat

80 (1) - Verb

Crusher (1) - Arsis


With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch


DEADLINE - tomorrow (Tuesday) - NOON

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  Then you should have caught that as well.


I did that on purpose wondering who'd bite on it.  Given that it was about penis, I was really expecting JiF to say something.  At the very least, I figured Pac might choose that moment to come by.


Oh well.

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