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Twilight Zone - Mafia Game


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Smash (3) - Crusher, AVM, JiF

Arsis (2) - Verb, Lily

JiF (2) - Arsis, Smash

Nol (1) - Nyn

Verbal (1) - 80

Lily (1) - Wombat

Nyn (1) - Nol


With 13 alive, it takes 7 to lynch


DEADLINE - tomorrow (Tuesday) - NOON


Pretty sure this could contain the entire scum team.

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Yeah but in case you didn't notice you are not Batman. I have never really seen you do anything remotely clever as town. You have played couple nice scum games but as town not so much.

True enough, I like being scum better. I usually catch scum early but can't get them lynched. Even here on jn I was the only one on ape in that dpr game when he was scum.

vote crush

Is this clever enough? You're mean when you're scum and use emotional manipulation to discourage people from calling you out.

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