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HBO WATCHMEN Mafia - Game Thread -TULSA WINS!!!


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Just now, HessStation said:

I almost want to give Pac the game for making it this far. 

If it's not already over I'm not voting anyone but nyn.  Shes a cop doc..  meanwhile I have 2 vests that have become wall art.

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Just now, Nynaeve said:

I'm interested to know who you think it was that kept pulling players out of danger in scenes.... lmk Pac

I know your ego says you were shot 100 times but I dont believe that tobe true

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Just now, Pac said:

I know your ego says you were shot 100 times but I dont believe that tobe true

prolly cause you're either lying or not reading the scenes.

either way I don't really give a **** what you think.

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She was never supposed to be here. It was her mother, a mere cleaning woman, who decided to get revenge on her boss and steal his sperm to impregnate herself. She came from nothing and built a technological empire.

Her innovations had changed the world, but that was not enough. The fundamental injustices in the world remained. And no amount of innovation could change that. No, something greater than genius was necessary. She needed the power of a god to create a world based on justice and freedom. Doctor Manhattan had the power to right every wrong, but he simply didn’t care. He let there be hunger, crime, corruption and war thrive unabated. She wouldn’t do that if she had such power.

So she created a tachyon canon to steal Doctor Manhattan’s power. The Seventh Kalvary stole some of the spare parts to make their own canon. They found Doctor Manhattan first, but their attempt failed and she never had the chance. But she had killed along the way and committed other crimes. She couldn’t go free because with someone so smart, we would all eventually be in danger.

Arsis, Lady Trieu of Trieu Industries (Leader, 1 time kill-proof), has been arrested and sent to the county jail while awaiting trial.




It is a new day and there is still one threat to the Citizens of Tulsa remaining for Hess, Pac, Ape and Nyn to find and arrest.

With 4 Citizens of Tulsa, it takes 3 to arrest

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The 19 players are:

1. Jetsfan80 - Senator Joe Keene Jr. (Seventh Kalvary Leader, 1 time kill-proof): Arrested D7

2. A.J. - Pirate Jenny (Town Deputy Investigator): Dead N5 

3. Jetscode1 - Red Scare (Town Bomb): Dead D1

4. Barry McCockinner - Bian of Trieu Industries (Seeker): Dead N6

5. Pac

6. AVM - Agent Laurie Blake (Town Investigator): Dead N3

7. HessStation

8. Teh Bumble

9. Arsis - Lady Trieu of Trieu Industries (Leader): Arrested D9

10. DPR - Sister Night/Angela Abar (Town Seeker, 1 time kill-proof): Dead D5

11. JiF - Doctor Manhattan/Calvin Abar (Town King): Disappeared N6

12. CTM - Captain Judd Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Seeker,1 time investigation avoidance): Arrested D4

13. Dandie Andie Doodle - Lube Man (Diminutive Townie, 1 night actions-avoidance but takes 1 less vote to arrest): Arrested D3

14. Drums - Tulsa Police Officer (Townie): Dead N7

15. Nynaeve

16. Stark  - Seventh Kalvary Soldier (Scum Goon): Arrested D2

17. The Crusher - Agent Petey (Town Watcher): Killed N1

18. Jvill 51 - Jane Crawford (Seventh Kalvary Assistant Seeker): Dead N7

19. Smashmouth - Hooded Justice/Will Reeves (Town Vigilante): Arrested D8

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The way pac was twisting I feel pretty confident he's the last one.

Ape looks better for putting the first vote on Arsis. There's potential of bussing I suppose but occam razor is he pushes you or pac vs sacraficing Arsis.

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I was too lazy to track down every submission in my pm but I have some free time so I'll give the details if you want to compare. Most of the protects were on myself though as I mentioned before.

Night 1 - Self protect

Night 2 - Protected DPR

Night 3 - Self protect

Night 4 - Self protect

Night 5 - Self protect

Night 6 - Protected JiF

Night 7 - Self protect

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Initially I trusted DPR irt him calling Stark's bluff. But after that you'll notice me townreading DPR like crazy... it's cause I saw in the scene that someone was saved on the night I protected him. Which made me feel a hell of a lot better about him.

JiF I protected cause it seemed apparent the game would end if I didn't (didn't think he was faking it). And I figured they'd assume I self protect. Joke's on them.

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