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Benefits Of Drafting Sewell

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[Obviously we all want Trevor but let's assume that Jax loses out] -Maybe the safest pick in the draft (or 2nd next to Trevor?) and at an important position -It would help both the running g

You draft Sewell, find a center to join Becton and company, and you could put my grandmother at running back. She'd bang out 1,000 yards easy. And she's no longer even with us.

Make it so! Also draft a Center

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This is such a hard draft to decide on. Its almost as if we would be better off if we were picking 5th.

Too much to think about. If jones, tayler or fields turns out to be solid and we dont get get one of them, again we looks like buffoons. Seems like you just have to swing for a qb with the 2, no matter what. sam stinks

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I'm not against drafting Sewell, but I am against using the #2 pick on tackle a year after we just drafted one. It just isn't a good use of draft capital. Rather trade back and take Slater or Darrisaw.

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