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Willie McGinest decideds to eat crow about Zach.

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7 hours ago, Action Zachtion said:

Respect to Willie McGinest for being willing to call it like he sees it at all times, not just trying to justify his take. 

It's refreshing in the sea of media double talk so they can later proclaim "I was right!" no matter what. 

(NFL network link)


Not Willie McGinest, thats Michael Robinson.

EDIT:  I see I was a little late to the party. ?

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2 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

lol not willie but I get your point 

Cowherd next?

Cowherd has a method.   

"Floor Manzielle (one of the worst busts in recent history) ceiling Aaron Rodgers" (an all time great)

Then no matter what happens he smugly claims victory with a straight face and says "I told you so".  

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