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"Be patient, jets fans."


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14 hours ago, JTJet said:

The people preaching patience are the same people that grew up with their moms telling them they are going to be special one day. 

...one day. 

I have a good referral for a therapist.  My dad actually told me I would grow up to be a disappointment and now look at me … On a Jet message board debating why the Jets will take a wide receiver round 1.  Take that dad ….

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14 hours ago, freestater said:

Truly, truly sick of hearing/reading those words. If you're still stubborn enough to continue sticking with this miserable excuse for a franchise like we all have, we've extended enough patience. Completely done with being told to be patient. Put up or shut up, Douglas. Pull your defense up from the bottom of the barrel, Saleh. 

"Rebuild the right way, like Jets Fans have never seen".

Which is, when you really get down to it, just another way of saying "Have patience".

I'm with you.  My patience is at an end for JD.  Produce a winning team in 2022, or we'll find someone else to try.

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Let me share my beef for the day. 

People say JD signed great contracts because he preserved the ability of the Jets to cut players later that were conceivably overpaid.  But that plan only worked if JD drafted and developed players to take over for the FA players. 

However, Fant, McGovern and likely Rankins (this one bothers me) are not going anywhere because JD did not draft their replacements.  Cameron Clark should been the RG (RGs are supposed to be cheap), and now we are signing one for $10MM+.   If the Jets cut Rankins to save money, while allowing Foley and Shepherd to walk, I think the defense gets even worse.  Or then we are drafting another DT.  

We can swap out McGovern for Jensen, etc. maybe, but that 2020 draft continues to loom very large.  

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I’ve tried to warn you all for years that anyone who’s username is or has a reference to Namath is an absolute lunatic - but did you listen?

That said, I’d have liked to have Cooper too, but not paying him 20M per really is not that big of a deal.

The plan remains what it always was, build a foundation through the draft and Zach Wilson.  There’s enough talent on offense already, that if Zach Wilson is any good, we’ll be fine.  And we’re almost definitely adding a WR and a TE. Obviously the problem is that as of today Wilson blows goats.  I honestly think no one would be complaining if he didn’t.

Next year isn’t our year, so no reason to add contracts for players you don’t want here in 2-3.

We need two things… a good draft, and Zach Wilson to suck a lot less.  Those two things happen, and nothing in this FA period will matter.  As such, I’d advocate for patience in as far as seeing how this years rookies look - I’ll wait at least until the team is on the field to lose my sh*t.

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