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Jets will beat the Bengals 27-20 this Sunday. We continue week #3 with I pick the Jets outcome until I am wrong thread!


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6 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

You don't even know who's playing yet.  

Too early to make this pick. 

I need to know all I need to know at this moment.  If one of the O line starters went down, that would be significant.  Flacco we were told would be starting until at least until week #4.  Moore and Wilson and Davis are all healthy I believe.  I'm good with the defense.  I don't care who's playing for the Bengals right now; they are a mess.  Their offensive line is not doing well, and I believe our defensive line can make plays against them.  I'm good.  

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2 hours ago, Alka said:

Just to recap:  I picked the Ravens to win week #1 27-17 I picked the Jets to win in a nail biter, with a 20-17 win.  as i predicted. but I'll take it. I look for the good feelings of the Jets to continue for another week

The over/under is 43 points right now, and I just don't see it being an under game. 

I think the Jets enter halftime with a 10 point lead in this one.  I predict they will.

Excuse Me Comedy GIF by CBC

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