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GM (check), HC (check), QB (miss). What comes next?


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42 minutes ago, Jetsplayer21 said:

We could actually be 8-2 if Saleh had the quick sense Rex did. Sucks Saleh and Douglas want the whole ship to go down with Zack.

I know this shouldn't bother me but it's Zach not Zack. The dude has been here for 2 years already. 

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18 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

QBs get drafted high. Especially ones with big arms like Zach. Doesn’t always work out. I mean Mac Jones was a first round pick and so was Trey Lance. Justin Fields was drafted 10th overall and he can’t even throw the ball

There's no excuse for Zach's play and there's no excuse for Joe Douglas' evaluation. 

People knew Zach stunk at byu the Jets for whatever reason didn't see it or chose not to listen 

The worst part is that the Zach sunk cost is too high they simply won't make a change and the team will disintegrate down the stretch 

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11 minutes ago, KRL said:

I don't think there is anything Wilson can do in the final 7 games that's
going to make me confident that he's the answer.  Saleh/Douglas need to
table that decision until the off-season and focus on winning games.
They've created a SB caliber defense that would scare anyone they face
in the playoffs.  It makes no sense to waste their efforts for the
sake of Wilson who has come up small.  If Wilson can't at least be a
game manager pull him and go to White

This is what should happen 

What will happen is the Jets front office pushed all in on Zach and they won't ever give up on him 

Fact is Zach wilson didn't deserve the chances he's already gotten he's going to be here for like 2 more full seasons after this one 

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1 hour ago, kevinc855 said:

JD has drafted two QBs. Zach Wilson and James Morgan (maybe bring in a QB consultant for the next one?)  

Who the hell is scouting QBs out there?

It's ultimately JD's call, but my god, if those are the two names that the scouting team put up there, some adjustments need to be made...

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2 minutes ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

My logic was sound.  

Glad the Jets aren’t using emotional attachment with the playoffs in sight.  

I have to admit I'm stunned by this.  They beat the Bills 2 weeks ago and now ZW might lose his job after 1 terrible game?  It was a historically bad game but still.  Things are going to get very interesting if they switch it up on Sunday.  Though I still think ZW will get the start.

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8 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

There's no chance Mike White will start vs the Bears. 

This. No chance that they name White the starter. But I think its very much up in the air if he ends up finishing the game. The best I'm realistically hoping for is that they pull Zach at some point in this game if he continues to show this level of ineptitude. 

This team is clearly at the point where they cannot continue to baby this kid. This is a talented, competitive team and at this point Zach has shown, without a doubt, that he is holding this team back. You can't worry about hurting his confidence at this point. Make it crystal clear that he is on the shortest leash imagineable going into this game. 

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