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Ricky Williams


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Dolphins | Williams loses appeal

Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:10:31 -0700Jason Cole, of the Miami Herald, reports Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams lost his appeal of a fourth violation of the NFL substance-abuse policy and will be suspended for one year, according to a source. Williams was informed by the NFL Tuesday, April 25. Williams will now miss the entire 2006 season. He can apply for reinstatement after that:yahoo: :yahoo::Typotux:

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If he was reinstated, I think he would have been traded before the draft. The Fins don't have many picks this year, and he could have brought them another #2.



I don't think so. Him and Brown together was a very nice RB situation for them. I think NO RICKY hurts the Dolphins in a pretty good way.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NFL Suspends Ricky Williams for 2006

MIAMI (AP) - Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams was

suspended for the 2006 season by the NFL on Tuesday for violating

the league's substance abuse policy for the fourth time.

The league announced the suspension after Williams' appeal of

his latest positive drug test was denied. Williams met with NFL

counsel Jeff Pash on April 10 in an attempt to have the league

overturn the test.

``I'm disappointed with the decision, but I respect it,''

Williams said in a statement released by the team. ``I'm proud of

my association with the National Football League and look forward

to returning to the Dolphins in 2007.''

Williams' previous positive tests were for marijuana, which he

acknowledged using. The latest test apparently involved a drug

other than marijuana.

Williams had been participating in the offseason training

program at the Dolphins' complex and was there working out shortly

before the league announced its decision.

The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner at Texas and 2002 NFL rushing

champion, Williams retired and sat out the 2004 season, then

returned last year to play for new Miami coach Nick Saban.

Williams served a four-game suspension at the start of the 2005

season for his third violation of the drug program, then ran for

743 yards and averaged 4.4 yards a carry while sharing playing time

with rookie Ronnie Brown.

News that Williams had failed another drug test surfaced in

February, while he was in India studying yoga and holistic


Saban repeatedly has praised Williams' conduct and performance

last season and supported him in the appeal process.

``This is a league decision, and we are disappointed in what it

means for Ricky and the team,'' Saban said in a statement. ``Ricky

did an outstanding job for the Dolphins, not only as a player but

also what he added as a person to the team's chemistry and to our

overall success.''

Attorney David Cornwell represented Williams in his appeal.

``We raised substantial and legitimate issues arising out of the

application of the NFL's policy and program for substances of

abuse,'' Cornwell said in a statement. He urged the players' union

and ownership to ``review the issues we raised on the appeal ...

and restore the original intention of the NFL's policy to put equal

focus on helping NFL players as is put on testing and suspending


The suspension represents a financial blow for Williams, who

owes the Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching his contract when he

retired in 2004. His return last season was motivated partly by the

need for a paycheck, and that may be a motivation for him to return

in 2007.

It's possible the suspension could mean the end of the mercurial

running back's career. If he does try to return next year, he'll be

30 years old and will have played a total of 12 games in the

previous three seasons.

``Ricky is obviously disappointed,'' said his agent, Leigh

Steinberg. ``He'll need to work hard to get back to the league in


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A one year suspension strikes me as drastically unfair.

The NFL should re-think their policy. If the fine warrants the crime, fine.

This, however, is way too severe.

I don't know about that. This is his fourth time.

If it was baseball he would be banned for life.

Don't be surprised if Congress doesn't threaten the NFL to get tougher

with only the one year suspension for being the fourth time.

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Rules are rules, you break them, you pay the piper. Whether you agree with the drug policy or not, it is what it is and when you're making that kind of money, you put away the pipe for another day.

I heard a report that this was not weed.

I hear you though. Rules are rules and he should not have been so stupid. Still I think a whole season is a bit much.

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I heard a report that this was not weed.

I hear you though. Rules are rules and he should not have been so stupid. Still I think a whole season is a bit much.

I read it could have been meth but JFF is right-put the $hit away when that much is on the line or get some real smart guys to help you disguise what you're doing

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I actually feel bad for Ricky, I was pulling for him for some strange reason. Oh well, he f'd up and now he has to deal. Rules are rules and if the person writing my checks said that if I failed a drug test FOR THE FOURTH TIME I would be suspended w/o pay for 1 year I would accept my mistake.

In sum, he is a f'ing idiot because it takes me years to earn what Ricky was being paid for one year. And, it's sad because I thought he was going to turn it around and become legit, maybe even one of the best backs to play the game, but this just put a nail in the coffin.

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I tell you what, the wife was PISSED hearing this news.

It is funny, becuase she wanted him dead when he quit on the team, wanted him tortured when he came back and now wants him tortured and killed that he is suspended.

We now have a bet for $34 ( :) ) broken into two parts:

1) Does Ricky end up on a NFL roster in 2007 ($17)

2) Does Ricky end up on a NFL roster in 2008 ($17)

I said no to both, she thinks he will be back.


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