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Yankees vs. Royals @ Kauffman Stadium

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Don't forget Cablevision (at least) and possibly other providers has the free MLB Package this week.

Yup comcast has it here.

I set up a slingbox at my folks house in Jersey, so I'll be using that at my house to watch the night/weekend games :D

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Pettite is dealing today!

I like the new moniker, DLJ. Although, with your beauty, you could have gone with DarkJetGoddess.

Nice job today by the Yanks. Glad to have Andy back.

So far the bullpen has been impressive, 1 hit in the last ten innings. Even more impressive is the start Cano is having. He's going to have a great season.

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Good win for the Yankees.

Andy looked good.

Looking forward to seeing CC play tonight. I think he'll be much improved from the first game (He'd want to be).

The hitting looks good, which is important. When A-Rod is back that line up will be downright scary.

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I am glad the MLB package is free right now on comcast. I am away and it is nice to be able to see a game. Been traveling this past week and haven't been able to see more than a few innings. Sitting down tonight and watch my first entire game of the season.

Looking forward to it.

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