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Swedish Chicks vs. British Chicks

The Gun Of Bavaria

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It was meant as a joke, hence the smiley.

Now i feel dumb for not putting the disclaimer. :bag:

Love it wasn't directed at you, I was making a point to certain posters who complain anytime someone (especially me) post something as a joke about certain people but don't say anything when stuff gets posted about others. Some post get deleted but this time the thread was started by a mod, I personally feel that if a few groups are off limits then all of them should be.

Anyway, I think everything is funny for the most part and everyone needs to lighten the **** up. Carry on with your mocking of the UK.

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I have learned two things about myself from this thread.

1. I don't want to go to the U.K. for any reason...ever!

2. I want to research how I can defect to Sweden


Sweden is a definite place to visit for at least a week sometime in everyone's lifetime.

And Amsterdam.

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