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How do I earn "warning points"

Lego My Lageman

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"I hope Sonnen doesn't get embarrassed. Cause he's been doing a ton of talking"

No one can embarrass the Champ.

Pointman, Im also concern that you do not care for my existance. Why the hate?

PS why is my quote feature working?

The lack of quote is troublesome.

Well, Sonnen embarrasses himself by stealing WWE spiels as his own and by getting caught in the same damn triangle time and time again.

No hate. Just indifference.

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My guess, the best way to get negative warning points would be phully nakid shots of womin!

It should work for anyone other than teh mighty Falcon!

I still have all three copies of the ones the mighty mighty Falcon posted the day he decided to cook his own goose. Nakey pics will get you banned. No warning points sorry.

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Yeah they are like infractions...but we haven't used them here. No need, everyone is so well behaved...

Except some of the new posters like that Courtney girl. We have been getting a lot of people complaining about her. But we will take care of that. :)

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