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USA Today: Most Overpaid Athletes in Sports

Ryno the Jet

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Mark Sanchez, QB, New York Jets -- Under contract until: 2017 -- Signed three-year extension worth $40.5 million in new money in 2012. When Sanchez signed his extension, he became the seventh-highest paid quarterback in the league. By the time the deal is done, he could be seventh on the Jets depth chart. Debby Wong, US Presswire

Big shocker, I know...

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That's what i was looking for.

Sanchez, A-Rod, Amare. Its a easy list to compile. Where are Harris and Pace.

Atleast Sanchez completes 49% of the the passes. I wish our LBers showed up on atleast 49% o the plays!

Amare was worth it year 1 and may still be worth it. He helped change the direction of this franchise.

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