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Chris Ivory Hamstring (MERGED)

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Can't believe you went back to the Abdul Salam handle. It's like starting over again. (I can't believe that I'll never forget the fact that Abdul Salaam was number 74 and used to go by the name of Larry Faulk...).

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Hallelujah! Now I'm happy! I felt like a traitor, leaving NJ.com and all you guys. Very lively board here guys. Hope the others see the posts we left and come over. Roscoe, if getting Draft to come over is the icing, you're the candle on top! 


Thanks, to all the Jetnation guys for making us feel part of the family! 

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sucks for him, i am sure he is anxious to get out there and show his new teammates what he has.

sucks for us too as we are really thin without him and goodson and who knows when or if he comes back


let it heal, we need him come september not july.

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Chris Ivory can't seem to escape a holding pattern in his first training camp with the New York Jets.





Ivory was quickly forced to come out of practice Wednesday after his bothersome hamstring tightened up during individual drills. It had been Ivory's first attempted full practice with fellow Jetsrunning backs.

Camp coverage on NFL Network
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» Complete training camp coverage

"Hamstrings are tricky," Ivory said, via The New York Post. "It can feel good and you can go out there like I did today and I thought I was ready, but I'm not ready. So it's a feel thing. I don't want to push it and make it a two-week injury. When it's fixed I want to be able to stay out there and not go back and reinjure it."

Ivory's absence is notable given the Jets' dearth of reliable options at running back. Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell aren't turning heads. Mike Goodson -- tangled up in legal problems -- might not ever show up.

An Around The League Making The Leap candidate, Ivory is the Jets' best hope at a legitimate featured back. Durability concerns are legitimate, however. Since coming into the league in 2010, Ivory has missed time with knee, foot, hamstring, groin, shoulder and concussion issues.

The Jets can only hope Ivory's latest injury isn't a sign of things to come.

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