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1st Annual JetNation Awards Winners!


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:win: The results are in!

A total of 32 people voted in the 1st Annual JetNation Awards. Well, not bad for year one. Hopfully the membership here will continue to grow!

The Most Underrated Poster:

Scott Dierking with 8 total votes

Most Knoweledgeable Poster:

tie between Bit and R44 15 votes each!

Most Annoying Poster:

Glenn Foley 13 total votes


Maxman - 5 votes

Best overall non-Jets Poster:

PatsfanTx 19 votes

Best Overall Poster on JetNation.com:

Smizzy - 6 votes overall

(edit: there was a recount, we originally had the votes counted in Florida!)

Biggest Jets Homer:

BZ - 24 total votes

Best Avatar/Sig:

Panzer Division Marduck - 6 total votes

The Barton Dooshey of the Year Award:

Barton - 11 total votes

..and some categories thrown into the mix at the last minute...

Most likely to call Max a fat bastard:

tie between Smizzy and TaborJet

best lyrics:


Best Section 335 Poster:


Hockey Diva:


Most likely to be related to Herm:

BZ..bro...you RAN AWAY with the Homer votes!

...as for the Post of the Year..there were so many choices, and no clear cut winner in this category.

Thanks to all who voted, and to Mrs.TaborJet for helping me tally the votes!

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Most likely to call Max a fat bastard:

tie between Smizzy and TaborJet

Guys I want to thank you both. I realize there are some days that you don't want to call me a fat bastard. There are some days when you have doubt. Did Max work out yesterday? Is he on a diet?

We don't see each other that often. But thank you for pressing on regardless. You are here day in and day out. Calling me a fat bastard. All for the good of the Nation.

Your dedication does not go unnoticed.


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After TaborJet made his wife tally the votes with him we provide you with this update. Straight from Las Vegas:

Odds that Mrs. TaborJet is packed up and moved out by tomorrow afternoon: 2 to 1.

If you have yesterdays sheet that # was at 12 to 1. Please reflect this change.


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Im boycotting these awards. Max winning funniest poster is as pathetic as it gets. He's about as funny as a heart attack in church ,during sunday mass.

This whole thing is rigged!!

:Nuts: :Nuts: :Nuts:

What's next? maxman & Gun Of Bavaria win prizes for best Body??

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I am not the funniest poster. Smizzy is not the funniest poster.

SirLance is the funniest poster here. It is not even close.

I agree. I am in no way shape or form the best poster here.....but who am I to argue with the results....give me my god damn trophy and get out!

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I would like to thank my parents for having me and my wife for putting up with me.

I would like to thank Max for somehow getting pulled into a personal battle that created this website.

Thanks to HermHaterNation for really brining out my inner homer.

Thanks to the Jets for having such a crappy season that I felt like I had to defend them constantly.

It is a real honor.


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