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Jets, Gase, Darnold were all equally horrific VIDEO.

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Hard to watch. I agree with the conclusion that there was plenty of blame to go around. Darnold sucked, o-line sucked as Gays sucked.

I find some of the coaching things discussed really disturbing though. So this guy points out Todd Gase's plan was to challenge Belichick and his cover zero. OK - fine. I love aggressive coaching. LOVE IT. But when your young QB and crap o-line are getting repeatedly owned trying to execute this plan, you have to adjust. FFS! Not Gays. He just repeatedly throws down the gauntlet at Belichick - come get some, bitch. FOH

The next thing he pointed out as a coaching point Gays never adjusted to - the LB lining up on the outside shoulder of the tackle before stunting into the B gap blitz. This was something that Belichick saw on film - Darnold is basically ignoring anything outside the tackle box as a potential threat presnap. Why isn't our offensive wizard of a head coach getting him up to speed here? Even if he just overlooked it prior to Belichick exploiting it this needs to be an in game teaching point. Maybe instead of saying oh I don't know "you know what to do", he should have a god damn tablet in his hand with the cover 0 blitz stunt from the LB outside the tackle box into the B gap. What's going on on the sideline?

Another thing about that LB stunt into the B gap that's pointed out. They have a tell on the cadence. Change it up. Fix it. This is a coaching point that is picked up by some guy doing videos on the internet but apparently not by Gase.

I hope this is all fixed this week but I have serious doubts and expect free rushers in Darnolds lap again. I also have 0 confidence any real in game adjustments are happening going forward. 

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