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Top-10 worst wide receiver corps: These teams need serious help in the 2020 NFL Draft

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43 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Only 3 WR's taken by the Jets in the first 3 rounds of the draft since 2001 (Santana Moss - 1st round) is a pretty good reason for why that's the case.

And those 3 WR's were Stephen Hill, Devin Smith and ArDarius Stewart.  That's another good reason.

It’s been 19 years since the jets drafted a WR in round one


That is crazy


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We were worse in 2018 when our receivers couldn’t buy separation. Sad.

Lamb would make the offensive skill group pretty descent. Lamb, Crowder, Bell, Herndon and Perriman is a pretty solid group. They all offer different skill sets. Get it done Douglas. Guys like Smith, Griffin and Doctson are descent backups.

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12 hours ago, Lith said:

No argument from me.  We have Crowder and a bunch of question marks.  We deserately need to add talent in the draft.  Hoping 2 of our first 4 picks will be WR.

That has to be the plan.  Either #11 and #79 or #48 and #68.  Make it happen Tanny!   :cheers:

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11 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Appreciate that.  I'm thinking about doing one of those celebrity quarantine videos for my fans.  You know, the ones where rich celebrities say "we're all in this together" and sing dumb songs while lounging at their pool that looks something like this:



Forgot to mention my favorite poster is a 37-way tie 

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9 hours ago, JetFan20 said:

This WR corps looks like Issac Bruce and Tory Holt compared to the group in 2012 and 2013.

Clyde Gates, David Nelson, Chaz Schillens, Jeff Cumberland 


Jeremy Kerley was number 1.

With Geno throwing them the ball yet somehow Rex went 8-8 with that roster

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