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Sam, Sam, He Better Be Our Man. So Says Dan

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Well, the obvious question is..... WHEN will Sammy have his breakout year? When will he start putting up those numbers that dwarf what he's done thus far?

The truth is, if we're waiting and a little disappointed that he hasn't broken through yet? The problem was MIKE MACAGNAN. It was NOT Sammy. Sammy did the very best with what he was given to work with. Mike Macagnan f*cked Sammy over by not giving him a suitable OL to work behind. So put the idea of being disappointed with Sammys numbers in his first two years behind you.

Now, that the new GM is committed to surrounding Sammy with the weapons he needs, Sammys leap should be imminent. My hope is Mac's treatment of Sammy, or overall neglect depending on your viewpoint, has not permanently damaged Sammy as a football product. It's obvious Sammys growth was hindered by Mike Macagnan but we'll see how much.

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15 minutes ago, 68JET11 said:

What no trade rumors lol....

If the OL can keep him upright and 85-90% of the time in the pocket without having to run for his life then I believe this will be a very good year for Sam...

Agreed. This should be a breakout year for Sam. Sam O scheme and OC. It's his 3rd year so he now has the experience. I'm excited about his potential going into the season if he stays healthy.  GO JETS !

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i don't know.   i have a hard time believing that a guy who ran out of his own end zone while playing qb can't be very knowledgable about the game.  i see darnold as being way more than adequate.  even if he doesn't reach elite status he's more than capable of helping this team win.

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The most interesting thing from this article was that Orlovsky actually played 13 seasons in the NFL. The only thing I remember him for is rolling out of the back of the end zone for a safety with zero presence of the OOB line.

This guy is basically full of it and trying to get clicks. First he says he'd take Darnold over Lamar Jackson then he says no one can possibly make an evaluation of Darnold on his first two years of play because he was on a bad team. OK guy - so why would anyone in their right mind pick someone they cannot evaluate over a guy who is an MVP candidate?


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Here's the thing with guys like Orlovsky and Romo etal saying things like this about Sam Darnold.

If you go on the websites of other teams with young QBs, you'll find videos of them saying equally positive things about their young QBs. As some people here already know, the main priority for these guys is getting clicks, and having people talk about what they're saying. There job is to basically throw stuff out there, go home and do it again tomorrow.

So if you live in a bubble, where you only consume news about one team, you'll be very happy knowing that just about every player on your team under the age of 25 is due to break out next year. Your team did the bestest ever in FA, and your GM (who is a stone cold River Boat gambler, no less) and team was the only one in the League to improve in this years draft.

Your team is locked and loaded, and ready to go on a playoff run, thanks to a roster just full of young, upcoming soon to be stars.

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