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I Challenge @SAR I 


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1 hour ago, hamat711 said:

I'm tired of seeing this man talk trash about the Bills. This man is delusional and will literally argue facts to create a false narrative. Therefore, I challenge  @SAR I 


If the Bills beat the Jets this Sunday, @SAR I must accept that the better team won that day without making any excuses.

If the Jets beat the Bills, I will donate  $50 to any charity in which a current Jets player supports. The choice of Charity will be picked by  @SAR I .


 @SAR I  Must say "I accept these terms" before kickoff on Sunday or deal is void.

Come at me bro.


This is a Jets Board. @SAR I is not only a plank holder of this board, and long time regular, but a consumate Jets fan.

You are trash. We don't want or need you here.


Get the **** out with this. You should be banned for garbage behavior like this. 

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So here is the deal when it comes to this money stuff. We have had things like this before. Then when people don't pay I get messages looking for the money because it was in the forums.

So without having read anything more than half of the first post, I have to say no thanks.

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