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New York Rangers 2021


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Playoffs start for the Rangers tomorrow night.

A bit of an exaggeration from a mathematical point of view perhaps but we have 19 games left and we need to pick up 11 points against the team we face next on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am excluding the Bruins since they have so many games left against the Sabres.

If we lose both in regulation we are 15 points out.  If we win both in regulation we are "only" 7 points out.  This is it for the Rangers season and up until now the Pens have been owning us this year.  Some things need to change starting tomorrow or the season is pretty much done for our playoffs aspirations.




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3 hours ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

Hopefully they can beat the Islanders too. 😊

Icelanders are playing tough right now.  They grind teams down and win 1-0 and they are good at it too.

Maybe if Shesterkin gets red hot then we have a shot of going onto a real run.

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