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Joe Douglas must be very confident in his ability to draft?

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13 minutes ago, Warfish said:

He's been our GM for two years and is going into his third offseason.  I think we have enough to judge him SO FAR, emphasis on so far, with the knowledge that this, his third offseason, still has quite a bit of time left before we see the 2021 product on the field.


Not sure it totally fair to say third season because with normal teams it means the GM had two drafts. He should have a group of guys he picked in their second year along with the group of guys he drafted with no training camp or pre-season games. Might not matter much but i think it could. 

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Things take time. Leave the guy alone. It is still March. Long way to go until September. Final roster isn't finalized. Judge him later not now please. 

It needs to be known before I get started that I like this. You can't hope to be good at what you do unless you are confident in your abilities. JD has added almost nothing through free agency. E

This team is bereft of talent, you won't be able to patch up every hole via FA. This board has unreasonable expectations

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11 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

I think you misunderstand. 

We had the 2nd or 3rd most cap room in the league and I think we might have offered a bit more for Thuney or Linsley. 

I didn’t expect to get everyone or most of them or a few of them. 

I just wanted one or 2 more. All that cap room means nothing if we don’t use some of it. 

Next year we’re going to hear “we have the most cap room in the league!”  

I’d be perfectly fine with having top third cap room and a few more difference makers. 

Again, not expecting a huge haul but one or 2 more difference makers would have been nice. 

With all our cap space.

He tried to get Thuney but he opted to play for the Chiefs. There isn't a GM alive that could have convinced Thuney that the Jets were a better landing spot than the Chiefs. Linsley perhaps could have been lured but playing in SD with Herbert seems like a better situation than the current Jets.

I think the only way the current Jets were going to beat out some of these other teams was to vastly overpay, which JD refuses to do for the long term benefit of this franchise. 

JD wants to build a really good team through the draft. The kind of teams future free agents will want to play for. 

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These threads are so dumb. The bottom line is, no matter what you do in FA you have to draft well. 

JD could pull a Tanny and sign, or trade for, all these FA and have some success but to sustain success he has to draft well. That was Tannys downfall. 

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JD needs a better draft than he had last year.   For this thing to get going he needs to really hit on this draft class.  He has the ammo, the players will be there, he needs to execute better this year.   

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I like JD, but all he has done so far is dismantled our roster.  Period. End of Story. Yeah we have Cap space but so what- free cash doesn't win championships.  Coaching and players do.

He now needs to rebuild, and needs to do it in short order considering he's heading into the middle of his term.

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17 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

So what does that mean? Do you think he'll add a LOT more in FREE agency or will be simply rely on the draft?

Best addition or most important might be the health and conditioning crew since we cannot afford with any amount of depth to have multiple starters at each position hurt for long periods of time.

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