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New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field Construction Thread


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You know what's great about the New Yankee Stadium is that it still instantly looks like Yankee Stadium. You don't get that with Citifield, there's little connection other than the apple to Shea.

I think that was the plan, for both teams.

The Yankees really couldn't of built Citi Field, Yankee fans would of been PISSED, but the Mets want to forget Shea Stadium, so they built a very small, fan friendly ball park.

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You know, for all the complaining that us Mets fans do about the size, and the prices, and no Manny yet... I like the look of Citi Field, and I can't wait to go to a game there next year.

As a Yankees fan (no ****), I like the looks. The seating it seems makes you feel like you're right on top of the game.

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