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a friend of mine is convinced that favre


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I didn't completely hate Favre like some (Although he definitely cost us the season down the stretch), but he's done. You could tell during his talks with the media that he himself is unsure if he can still play football at a high level anymore, which is a huge difference from his "I can still play, I'm just not sure I want to" line from his last retirement.

I just think after his antics the last couple years that some people aren't going to fully believe he's retired until it's Week 1 next season and he's still hunting in Mississippi.

And even if all that somehow changes and he gets the itch to play again, he won't be a Jet anymore. We moved on, we signed other players with his salary cap space and I don't think we have enough flexibility in our cap to re-add his 13 million salary to the payroll on top of the other moves we would potentially want/need to do. We still have a whole draft class to sign.

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If you reverse the season we still woulda missed the playoffs.

Yeah but it would have been by alot more than a game or whatever it was. The whole team would have crumbled by the mid point of the season and Favre would have retired.

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If Favre had let his ego take a back seat to the team interest for the last 5 games we peobably wwould have been in the playoffs. His QB rating was about 55 or 5 pts lower than Clemens had with no line, no running attack and a banged up receiving corps. Does anyone think that Clemens would not have gotten us a second win in the last five?

I dont know whether Clemens will be the answer long term or Ratliff will look good against first teamers but do know that Favre would not be welcomed by the coach or front office. Ownership may feel otherwise.

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