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I love all of the D stats but I am not buying elite super bowl caliber D until they actually win us a game late in the 4th quarter hopefully they start to in the playoffs if we dont blow it next week.

ne, tn, buffalo 2 say hello..

ne 1 in particular

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It's a joke that I did not know that?

well.. i was asking if you were kidding about not knowing..

it's on every standings listings i've ever seen.. some may make you do the math yourself, but it's always there..

I'd definitely say I'm surprised you didn't know that however..

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That must be pretty good.

Where do you get these?

It's an advanced metric that was developed by Football Outsiders.

You look at the standings and take the value in the 'PF' (Points For) column and subtract from that the number in the 'PA' (Points Against) column.

Ground-breaking stuff, really.

Some standings, such as those on NFL.com, have started including this calculation under the heading "Net Pts".

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