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Is it too soon?

Well **** that! My favorite JET is kicking a$$ and taking names.

I know he had some doubters in his ability, but I have remained steadfast!

Show your appreciation for our kick a$$ ( and equally gorgeous) TIGHT END!!!! :P


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Keller has been unbelievable this year. I don't think anyone ever denied the talent and ability, the question was always the consistency. His rookie year he started slow and then had some huge games for the Jets late in the season. I think there were a lot of expectations last year, and when he came out of the gate pretty poorly, he caught a lot of heat for it. That said, he once again picked up his game late in the year and was fantastic in the playoffs. This year, it started to look like history may repeat itself after week one (while everyone on offense sucked that game, Keller's run out of bounds was maddening). But instead, it now looks like he's got it all figured out and has been the Jets best receiver on the field this season and holding his own in the run game.

He's exactly the kind of guy you want for a young QB like Sanchez and having him here is just huge, especially as a red zone threat, something the Jets have seemingly lacked for an endless number of years. The guy has 5 TDs in 4 games, which is already has him matching his total TDs for his career coming into this year. He's been impressive, no doubt about that.

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