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LETS BACK IN.........


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im sick of this backing in BS, we are only one of two teams to beat the pats, we beat pitt at home, only lost to bal by a single point, played the bears tough and almost won in their building we won enough games to get in and the chargers, jags, and whoever else could not tough luck we are in and dont have to apologize for nothing.

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Did you actually watch those games?

It easily could have been 6-5.

Who the **** cares how it looks?

I dont care how they get in either. I think the point is that the Jets got in the playoffs in classic soj fashion. thats Jon's point anyways I think. and they did! WOO HOO!

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Who cares how you get in?

The Jets won 10 games, including last week's in Pittsburgh.

QB looks good — that's the most important thing.

I have faith in Rex to turn it around in terms of the defense.

Yep, despite the INT Sanchez has looked alot more NFL-y than usual these past couple weeks.

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Backing in is better than being out


Today was dissappointing. it came down to a stupid coaching decision on the fake punt, a dropped TD and the complete lack of a pass rush. And yet even with all that the offense came close to overcoming those things and held their own in one of the toughest road stadiums in the NFL.

Only thing pathetic was the front 7. Sorry-that will not get it done in January. Luckily they don't play KC for 2 weeks.

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