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Training Camp Tweets (8/5)

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19 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Here's the problem with that logic:  If you see Maye on the field, he's not Dee Milliner.  If you do not see Maye on the field, he's Dee Milliner. 

No, not really. Not after only one season of injuries. Not without that intense underbite. Also, with your wording, anyone that isn’t on the field is Dee Milliner haha. 

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7 hours ago, freestater said:




I didn't have time to follow everything today but this jumps out as potentially great news, even if it's finally just alleviated the possibility of him being a total bust.

Question - What situations were these "sacks" taking place during?  11 v 11?  Was he on 1st team, 2nd team, etc?


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2 hours ago, Drums said:

Great points- three different injuries at three different times. But I still need to see how he does this year before I call him “Dee Milliner” like someone did earlier. 

Just wordplay cos of the typo saying jetnation were "hatters"...

so, just a wild coincidence really

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