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Clemons vs Johnson

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Two studs who showed flashes and from all reports are both primed to break out. Hard Knocks will at least make Clemons more well known judging by that barbed wire bat photo.

Have to give Clemons the edge just by his always being around the ball but think both will be wreaking havoc. Also Ulbrick said Clemons is a good athlete outside but he's a great athlete inside. JFM future replacement

Johnson has got strength on the edge rather than bend. Kind of lump him in as Lawson's future replacement 

And then there's the wildcard McDonald who has both bend and surprising strength for his body type, thank you jiu jitsu!

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3 hours ago, NIGHT STALKER said:

I'd like to get a feel from this board which player has progressed more so far in the two years they've been on the club?  Michael Clemons or Jermaine Johnson.

that depends.  does clemons get to bring his baseball bat on the field ???

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I like where both players are.  Their stats will look better as their opportunities increase ... both did great against the run in year 1 (edge to Clemons who was dominant) while JJ was moderately better against the pass.  He was good relative to other Edges in true pass sets, less so in the base defense. 

Year 2

JJ needed to improve his get-off time and seems like he has done just that (per camp reports) + gotten more explosive & stronger.

Clemons will have the opportunity to rush the passer from the inside where his athleticism (even at 290) should create some competitive advantages.  Similar dual role as JFM's.

The Jets DLine can beat you in so many ways.  Love the versatility; will be tough for the opposing OL to match.


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I think Clemons may have been ahead at the end of last season, but I think that JJ will ultimtely become the better player.  Clemons was never fast or quick.  Adding 20 pounds is not likely to make him any faster or quicker.  I think he will wind up being a DT rather than an Edge.

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13 minutes ago, Jethead said:

Jermaine is my pick for breakout defensive player this year. 8-10 sacks and superior edge run defense. All-pro caliber season.

Clemons is a good player but he's the lunch pail guy. Course he eats a big lunch, so....

Don’t feel it for JJ. Edge to Clemons on measurables but neither likely to sniff all pro.

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