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Vinny back with NE in 2007?

Sperm Edwards

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Didn't see this posted...


Testaverde plans to play

By Karen Guregian/ Patriots Notebook

Boston Herald General Sports Reporter and Columnist

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - Updated: 05:46 AM EST

Vinny Testaverde is taking part in Patriots [team stats] passing camp this week, not merely for kicks or to help out coach Bill Belichick.

According to Mike Azzarelli, a close friend and associate of the quarterback

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Stop hating. He just wants his 21st season with a TD pass. I frankly find it amusing, and want to see how many he can get.

The only problem with that is that there only a few situations he can get that in:

- Brady gets hurt, and he starts over Cassell - no problem with this scenario here, but doubtful ;)

- The Pats are getting pounded by their opponent and Vinny gets put in in place of a struggling Brady - I would love for this to happen, but doubtful

- Pats are winning in a blowout and BB shows no class and puts in Vinny to extend his record - nah, this would never happen...

...again :P

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He's not there to play guys....think about it Brady was losing and performing poorly(well not poorly but not up to his usual high standard) when they brought in Vinny a guy that has seen and played in every situation. He worked with Brady and he got back into the groove. With out him Brady would have lost more games than he did. The only reason Vinny is there is cause Bill is a great coach.

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