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Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees @ Yankee Stadium Series Thread


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Yankees have the best line-up in the majors, imo.

yes we do


there's no easy out in there....even Melky and Swishaliscous are producing.

and Brett Gardner can steal some bases...not much of a hitter though.

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But does his ludicrous statement even make sense to you, a Sox fan? No way their Offense is better than the Yanks.

Personally I'd give the very slight edge to the Red Sox as well. I've seen them score runs in bunches this year plus now they've added Victor Martinez which sure can't hurt. Just count your lucky stars that Tex signed with NY and not Boston. I think the Red Sox would have a 6 game lead right now if he had. Boston does have an advantage in pitching and I think that will be the big difference. It usually is.

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I give the edge to the sawx because their outfield is better

Bay > Johnny...close though

Ells = Cabrera

Drew = Swish Slight edge Drew

And the infielders? Teixeira - Cano - Jeter - Rodriguez. Clear advantage to the Yankees. Cabrera has been lighting it up as of late, I'd say he's even with Jacoby. Right now, I would easily take Damon over Bay- who has come crashing back down to reality. Swish and Drew are almost even but I give the nod to Swish.

Sorry, I don't see Boston being better than NY hitting wise. And it's not really close.

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Tex > Youk....ever so slight edge

Pedroia = Cano.....can't believe I am saying that, but Robbie is having an outstanding year

Jeter> Any Sawx there

ARod > Lowell But not much

Martinez and Ortiz = Posada and Matsui

It really is close.....you might be right PS

Still really close

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Let's look at the numbers:

BA - Yanks .279, Sox .266

Runs - Yanks 607, Sox 560

Hits - Yanks 1045, Sox 974

HR - Yanks 163, Sox 129

2B - Yanks 219, Sox 236

3B - Yanks 17, Sox 18

RBI - Yanks 580, Sox 534

SB - Yanks 71, Sox 85

OBP - Yanks .360, Sox .350

SLG - Yanks .477, Sox .445

By the numbers the Yankees are CLEARLY the better offensive team this year.

Higher batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, hits, homeruns, RBI.

The Sox are the faster team as their edge in stolen bases and doubles will attest but the Yankees are clearly the better hitting team across the board.

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Well, that sucked. On the bright side, I had Joba going for me against Smoltz on my Fantasy team.

Beckett needs to pitch a gem tomorrow. Hopefully the Yanks are tired from running the bases last night.

It's Beckett tonight for the Sox. Buchholz tomorrow.

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