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Cam Cameron: Hard Knocks helped us prepare for Jets


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Ravens say "Hard Knocks" helped them prepare for Jets

Posted by Michael David Smith on September 11, 2010 7:57 AM ET

The Baltimore Ravens didn't just watch game tape to help them prepare for their Week One game against the New York Jets. They also watched HBO.

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron says that by watching Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the New York Jets, he learned some information he wouldn't otherwise know about the Jets' defense, information he can apply to the game plan he's preparing for their game on Monday night.

"Yeah, there was probably a lot revealed in that strategically, the way I viewed it," Cameron said. "At least what we were jotting down. There was a lot of stuff in there strategically."

The Jets have embraced their role on Hard Knocks and said they love showing off what they do to the rest of the league. But some coaches have said they would never allow cameras inside their locker rooms, team meetings and practice sessions.

The Ravens apparently fall into the latter camp, and they think that by seeing what the Jets were doing in training camp they have a better chance of beating the Jets in the regular season.

Can an hour a week of reality TV really give the Ravens a leg up? We'll find out on Monday night.


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Why are you guys so quick to call him a liar?

He did gain a competitive advantage. He learned that we like to stop the offense from scoring when on D and we like to score when we have the ball.

If you didnt watch Hard Knocks, you would have known this and only very intuitive people like myself and Cam Cam picked up on it.

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