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Eric Smith has a torn meniscus

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Some interesting news came to light today regarding Jets veteran safety Eric Smith. According to ESPN New York, Smith played the last five weeks of the season with a

torn meniscus in his knee and is planning to have the knee scoped on Wednesday.

Smith has been subjected to a hotbed of criticism for his performance on the field during his tenure but nonetheless we wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

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You'd think Tebow would have healed it after the touchdown. Least he could do. Proof that he's not as nice as everyone thinks.

LOL -- good point. It was the end of the game. I think the media storming the field distracted him.

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A kid of my son's football team played with a torn ACL (seriously). He bought this $800 knee brace and played linebacker without moving his knee. He never complained once. I am not saying Smith complained.

But Rex mentioning this the other day, saying that Smith has been hurt....blah blah blah. He did seem to be playing better earlier in the year. But if he is hurt put someone else in. If you have nobody else go have a heart to heart with Tanny about why Emmanuel Cook and Dwight Lowery are no longer Jets.

Just don't like the injury as an excuse thing.

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